Wednesday, March 20, 2013

UFO SIGHTINGS: Huge UFO Seen Over Chelyabinsk, The Region Where Meteor Exploded - March 20, 2013!

March 21, 2013 - RUSSIA - In Chelyabinsk residents witnessed an unusual glow over the city at night, and towards morning one eyewitness photographed the blazing orb hovering over Kopeyskoye highway in the Leninsky district, according to the agency news "Access."

On Wednesday night, March 20, Chelyabinets photographed a UFO hovering over Kopeyskoye highway, near the shop METRO, about 5.10. The man posted his sighting in the social networks. The origin of the luminous ball and duration of its stay in the sky is not yet known.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, March 19, late in the evening residents of the Central District and the north-west of the city saw a mist, from which the bright yellow light. Most eyewitness accounts say the light from the street lights was reflected in the sky like a light in crystal water.

According to the observations of weather forecasters the atmosphere was inundated with an ice fog and thick haze. - DOCTYN. [Translated]

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